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AgriGold Celebrates 15 NCGA National Corn Yield Contest Winners in 2023

Dedication. Adaptability. Collaboration. Hard work. Those traits are rewarded and honored each year as the National Corn Growers Association crowns the season’s National Corn Yield Contest winners. From that group comes the AgriGold Yield Masters™ — those who won using AgriGold products for ou...


Navigating a Corn Maze: Common Misconceptions About Seed Selection and How They Can Lead Farmers Astray in 2024

Choosing the right corn hybrids is one of the most important decisions a grower will make. But it won’t be the easiest. Considering the sheer volume of choices out there, comparing those hybrids to specific growing conditions, evaluating price and more can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, this ...


Evaluating Fields at Harvest: A Roadmap to Superior Seed Selection

Farmers can unlock valuable insights into their seed genetics' performance by examining their fields during harvest. Capturing field observations ahead of the combine can help refine hybrid selection and increase productivity and profitability for the upcoming year....


From Seed Selection to Equipment Prep, Farmers Stay Busy During the Off-season

Our agronomists can be a resource as farmers ready for spring, helping them to analyze plot data and choose the best mix of seed products for their farm....


Top-Level Genetics and Personalized Service: A Recipe for An NCGA Yield Contest Win

Yield Masters: that’s what our 2022 NCGA Corn Yield Contest winners are. They are the early risers, shortcut deniers, detail freaks, and generally obsessive farmers who find themselves on the short list of Yield Masters. ...