Rootworm | AgriGold



Life Cycle: 

  • The Western (WCR) & Northern (NCR) have similar life cycles
  • One generation per year, with larvae hatching in late May to early June – completing three developmental stages (instars)
  • Pupation occurs in mid-to late July, adults emerge shortly after
  • Adults will mate and lay eggs in August/September
  • Females lay 400-500 eggs in clutches of ~80 over several weeks




  • Larvae will feed on corn roots, reducing the ability to uptake water/nutrients as well as decreasing standability
  • Adults will feed on silks, pollen from soybean & several weeds as well as the outer layer of corn leaves (WCR) if necessary


Control Options:

1.Crop rotation – Soybeans, alfalfa, etc.

2.Pyramided Bt trait strategy – STX, Duracade, etc.

3.Soil applied insecticide

4.Foliar adult control to reduce beetle number – timing is critical