Prepping for Soybeans…
The AgriGold Way

Growers across the state are in full harvest mode, and pleasantly surprised with the amazing yields that are coming in. While most are still focused on the current harvest, it’s important to multi-task and be thinking about how to prepare the foundation for 2018 crops. It seems like these decisions need to be made earlier each year to help with logistics and managing proper timing of treatments as well as getting early buying discounts. So, whether you are driving the grain truck, auger cart, combine, or pulling a fall tillage tool, below are important questions to answer. Please contact your AgriGold Corn Specialist or agronomist if you need assistance answering these questions.

1. How will I prepare the soil for the 2018 soybean crop?

  • Corn stalks will be worked this fall to help breakdown residue.
  • Corn stalk won’t be worked this fall.
    • I will be utilizing a fall herbicide burndown.
    • I will be utilizing an early spring burndown.

2. How will I properly feed the next soybean crop?

  • I will be checking soil pH and applying lime.
  • Will soybeans get what is left-over from the corn crop?
  • I will apply removal rates of P and K this fall and or spring.
    • I will flat spread my fertilizer.
    • I will variable rate spread my fertilizer based off yield maps.
    • I will variable rate spread my fertilizer based off recent soil test.

3. How will I manage soybean weed pressures in 2018?

  • I will be utilizing a fall herbicide to manage winter annual weeds.
  • I will be utilizing a residual followed by…
    • An in-crop application of Round Up.
    • An in-crop application of Liberty.
    • An in-crop application of Xtend.
  • I will be utilizing an additional residual with my in-crop application for late flushes of waterhemp.
  • I will not be using a residual herbicide.

4. Will I be having my soybeans treated in 2018?

  • No, I won’t be treating my soybeans.
  • Yes, I will be treating with a fungicide & insecticide.
  • Yes, I will be treating with a fungicide, insecticide & nematicide.
  • Yes, I will be treating with a fungicide, insecticide, nematicide & inoculant.

5. How will I determine planting date?

  • I will plant beans once I’m done with corn.
  • I have a second planter that will be planting the same time as corn.
  • I will plant when soil moisture temperatures are appropriate.

Reach out to your local AgriGold Key Account Specialist or AgriGold Agronomist if you have questions.