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New AgriGold Soybean Varieties Available for 2023 Planting

New AgriGold Soybean Varieties Available for 2023 Planting

AgriGold offers many tried and true soybean seed varieties, complemented by new, cutting-edge varieties. Each variety offers different benefits, characteristics, and yield potential.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s new from AgriGold for the 2023 planting season, the gaps we’ve filled in our seed portfolio, and tips for which new varieties to try:

XtendFlex® Soybeans Trait Platform

Maturity: 0.6 – 6.4

What’s new: Our biggest lineup changes came in Group II, with big upgrades in standability scores, white mold resistance, and overall yield potential. G2622XF in particular, outshines previous XtendFlex® soybean lines on productive acres.  

We also expanded geographically, with the G0620XF and G0854XF aimed at northern growers with a need for strong IDC and Phytophthora Root Rot tolerance.

In Group III, our focus was filling out the RM lineup and creating strong companion products. G3692XF, with increased yield and standability, for example, is a great complement to G3490XF or G3724XF. The G3290XF bean, offering nationwide agronomics, pairs nicely with G3030XF or G3490XF.

If you’ve been using our tried-and-true Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybean varieties, Group IV and Early Group V XtendFlex® soybean varieties will be strong complements. In these lineups, we’ve allowed for more flexible spray options, depending on your geography and herbicide needs. We’ve also added an important variety in Group IV between 4.1 and 4.6 — G4350XF brings strong standability, a yield punch, and geographic flexibility (west to east) to the table.

Finally, our first-ever Group VI variety is the G6490XF, which offers root-knot nematode resistance, is a salt excluder, is sulfonylurea tolerant and is the very first determinate XtendFlex® soybean variety in the AgriGold lineup.

Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® Soybean Trait Platform

Maturity: 0.5 – 5.2

What’s new: Our 10 core varieties in this lineup remain the same, because they’re the ones that have stood the test of time. Only the strongest Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® Soybean products have earned (and kept) a spot in the portfolio. For those who want the straight Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® Soybean trait package, these 10 varieties remain some of the strongest in the market.

Enlist E3® Soybeans

Maturity: 0.3 – 5

What’s new: Under the Enlist E3® soybean umbrella, there is a bean for every acre across the country. We increased our product options significantly in our Group III editions, alongside strengthening stress tolerance. If you have challenging acres, G3279E3 is an excellent, highly adaptable option with exceptional late season plant health. For other adaptable options, the G3577E3 has excellent sudden death syndrome tolerance, and the G3875E3 is highly adaptable, with improved standability over a previous variety in it’s maturity.

Our customer base has grown, our portfolio is too: geographic expansion was the goal for our Group IV and Group V lineups. G5009E3 is a highly adaptable option that can be planted from Kansas to the Delta, while G4707E3 is a salt excluder that maintains big-time yield potential across the whole country.

Group I saw more expansion of an already great offering, with excellent iron deficiency chlorosis and white mold options up and down the relative maturity zone. (Try G1449E3 for strong yield potential all the way from Michigan to South Dakota).

And in Group II, agronomic, yield, and standability upgrades were the main story. G2705E3 is an improvement from an older bean in it’s maturity and is a must-have on productive acres across the Corn Belt. Try the G2951E3 as a companion to the G3001E3 for stress tolerance with a national footprint.

Conventional varieties

Maturity: 1.6 – 4.1

What’s new: To help customers take advantage of non-GMO grain market opportunities, we’ve added eight new conventional varieties to our ever-growing lineup. All offer excellent yield potential, plus respective adaptabilities and tolerances. If you’re looking for a variety that’s adaptive to all yield environments, try out G1602 or G3402. For growers who have had issues with phytophthora, G2802 can offer tolerance against it, while those who have dealt with frogeye leaf spot should go for G3402. If you’re looking for excellent sudden death syndrome resistance, try G2002, G2304, or G3702. In addition, G4102 and G3402 offer outstanding standability.

High performing yield comes from a combination of genetic diversity, variety characteristics, and grower knowledge about what’s worked and what hasn’t. We’ve built the genetic portfolio, invested in the research and cultivated a team to advance yields – for you. Your local AgriGold agronomist stands ready to earn your trust – get in touch to build a customized plan to increase yield potential on your farm.

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