Performance Stories



“With record breaking rainfall in 2019 and record breaking cold temps to start 2020, we have been reminded once again that we continue to underestimate the potential and the resiliency of the soybean.”


Elite group II variety with outstanding yield potential across broad acres with strong emergence and disease tolerance.


Proven and consistent variety that performs in almost any environment because of its many strengths and qualities.


High yielding product that excels on high performing acres and brings a whole new genetic flavor to any portfolio.

On most farms across North America, soybeans were never talked about as a high performance crop. In 2016 that all changed when we introduced for the first time in our companies history, high performing, genetically elite AgriGold® soybean varieties to our seed portfolio. For AgriGold growers however, we know that expectations go well beyond simply delivering genetic potential, we must deliver results. That’s why we back up our beans with the same direct-to-farm access and agronomic knowledge that’s become synonymous with our brand.

This year our soybean line-up boasts 29 different varieties all matched with the highest performing traits and treatments available to AgriGold. If you have the same high performance expectations out of your soybean fields that you do from your corn fields, then we expect it’s the right time to try AgriGold® soybeans.