Performance Stories


Chillicothe, MO

“AgriGold has the best service of any company I’ve ever worked with. From sales to agronomy, they care about our success, and most importantly, they have a line-up of hybrids that is second to none.”

The measure of success across today’s farms is very different from what it was just a generation ago. New technologies, data science and greater access to information have leveled the playing field for most growers, making each decision that much more critical in the overall success of their season. This is why AgriGold will always be the direct-to-farm seed company and trusted agronomic advisor for our AgriGold family of growers.

AgriGold’s innovative and accelerated new research program is producing some of the most advanced genetics in our company’s history with an industry-leading focus on diversity and product quality. This gives our customers the confidence that they will always have a multitude of high performance hybrid options for every yield environment on their farm.