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Spring Burndown Considerations for Maximum Weed Control

As you prepare for #plant23, make weed management a priority. Learn more about the limitations, benefits, and when/how you should make a spring burndown application. ...


Managing Yield Goals and Rising Input Costs: Strategies for Optimizing Farm Performance

In today’s environment, managing costs and maintaining yield goals can be a balancing act. With input costs continuing to rise, that’s more of a challenge than ever. Find out which strategy you can use to hit your yield goals – without spending extra dollars. ...


How to Maximize Your Nutrient Management Plan in 4 Easy Steps

This December, whether you’ve already finished your AgriGold seed order or you’re still crafting your perfect combination of hybrids and varieties, you’re likely adding checklist items to your farm’s management plan. As you make your list, these are the steps we recommend....


How to Optimize A Fall Anhydrous Application

Now that harvest is ending and your bins are full, it’s time to plan for next year. The first strategic choice you need to make? Whether to apply anhydrous ammonia this fall, in the spring, or both. Find out the advantages of applying anhydrous right now to maximize your yearly nitrogen use. ...


AgriGold Drone Trials Vet Fungicides And How They Best Pair With Hybrids

These trials are helping us to understand our hybrids even better so our farmer customers can get the combos that maximize their return on investment. ...


Time In-season Nitrogen to Maximize Yields and Profitability

Farmers need to consider their application options and plan ahead to get the most out of their corn crop. ...