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Snow Dreams and Soil Science: A Farmer's Guide to Wishing for the Perfect Winter Recipe

With temperatures already starting to drop — and some areas of the country already seeing snow — winter is well on its way. For farmers, this can be a bittersweet time. It’s a brief period of quiet post-harvest. But there are big questions of what’s on the horizon. ...


Stay Alert as Tar Spot Continues to Spread

Tar spot is here to stay, and farmers should understand the risk factors of the disease and work with their crop advisers to develop individualized management plans....


Navigating Drought: Challenges and Strategies for Planting Corn and Soybeans

Planting corn and soybeans in a drought poses unique challenges. After 250+ days without meaningful rain in some areas of the Midwest (especially Kansas), farmers have had to prepare to plant in soils with little to no moisture. These harsh, dry conditions have and will continue to delay plantin...


Survey Shows Tar Spot Has Commanded Farmers’ Attention

A new survey confirms tar spot is a major concern for farmers, eclipsing their worry about diseases like northern corn leaf blight, southern rust or Goss’s Wilt. But while farmers are anxious about the disease, they also signaled uncertainty about managing it...