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Using Last Fall’s Soil Test for This Spring’s Best Results

Soil sampling is crucial to create a successful fertility management plan. Knowing soil nutrient levels can help you leverage each field and save money on rising input costs. Find out how to use your soil test results for the upcoming planting season to maximize yields and profitability....


How to Maximize Your Nutrient Management Plan in 4 Easy Steps

This December, whether you’ve already finished your AgriGold seed order or you’re still crafting your perfect combination of hybrids and varieties, you’re likely adding checklist items to your farm’s management plan. As you make your list, these are the steps we recommend....


How to Optimize A Fall Anhydrous Application

Now that harvest is ending and your bins are full, it’s time to plan for next year. The first strategic choice you need to make? Whether to apply anhydrous ammonia this fall, in the spring, or both. Find out the advantages of applying anhydrous right now to maximize your yearly nitrogen use. ...


Variety Selection Critical in Preventing IDC From Sapping Yields

AgriGold is conducting trials to enhance our iron deficiency chlorosis scoring system to better equip farmers to fight this yield-draining deficiency. ...