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Using Last Fall’s Soil Test for This Spring’s Best Results

Soil sampling is crucial to create a successful fertility management plan. Knowing soil nutrient levels can help you leverage each field and save money on rising input costs. Find out how to use your soil test results for the upcoming planting season to maximize yields and profitability....


Study Shows the Early Planting Yield Advantage Is Real

Corn and soybeans can both take advantage of early planting to pump up yields, but farmers seeding corn early need to choose hybrids with strong emergence scores....


Level Up Plant 2023 With AgriGold’s Seed Order Checklist

With harvest in full swing, now is the best time to start thinking about plant 2023. Get a jump start on your production plans this fall with our top considerations for placing your seed order....


Yields that Win Despite 2022 Environmental Challenges

Mother Nature brought a cold, wet spring, which delayed planting across much of the country. Postponed soybean planting can affect branching and podding later in the growing season, thanks to slow vegetative development. Lack of moisture towards the middle of the growing season coupled with prior en...


How to determine where to plant which hybrids

Choosing the right hybrids is hard enough, but what about choosing where to plant them? Find out the top questions you should be asking yourself in order to build a yield-optimizing plan for where to plant which hybrids....