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Soil & Crop Biotechnology Changing the Game for Nutrient and Fertility Management

At AgriGold's Innovation Days, groundbreaking technology from leading companies took center stage. In the second installment of this three-part series, discover how Pattern Ag is leading a revolution in scouting techniques through advanced nutrient and fertility testing....


Imagery Unleashed: Empowering Farmers with Next-Level Corn and Soybean Scouting

Scouting corn and soybeans requires meticulous, detailed observation to effectively monitor crop health, identify pests and diseases, and make well-informed management decisions. With the growing acreage involved in farming, the use of aerial imagery can maximize efficiency and reduce the overwhelm ...


Variety Selection Critical in Preventing IDC From Sapping Yields

AgriGold is conducting trials to enhance our iron deficiency chlorosis scoring system to better equip farmers to fight this yield-draining deficiency. ...


How to Scout for and Manage Soybean Gall Midge

Dealing with yield loss from pests is the last thing you want. Learn how to identify and scout for one of the newest soybean pests....


Managing Soybean Weeds: There’s No Room for Do-overs

Farmers need to stay on top of weed control in their soybeans to protect yields. See how to maximize every opportunity to reduce soybean weeds....