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Soil & Crop Biotechnology Changing the Game for Nutrient and Fertility Management

At AgriGold's Innovation Days, groundbreaking technology from leading companies took center stage. In the second installment of this three-part series, discover how Pattern Ag is leading a revolution in scouting techniques through advanced nutrient and fertility testing....


Farmer Choice and Diverse Genetics Define AgriGold’s 2024 Lineup

Learn about AgriGold’s new corn hybrids and soybean offerings for the 2024 growing season, plus how these products will help farmers achieve higher yields....


Enhancing Crop Health: The Importance of Fungicide Timing

As crops nationwide enter critical growth stages, it’s crucial to assess disease pressure, implement effective control measures, and determine the optimal timing for foliar fungicide applications....


Navigating Drought: Challenges and Strategies for Planting Corn and Soybeans

Planting corn and soybeans in a drought poses unique challenges. After 250+ days without meaningful rain in some areas of the Midwest (especially Kansas), farmers have had to prepare to plant in soils with little to no moisture. These harsh, dry conditions have and will continue to delay plantin...


Yields that Win Despite 2022 Environmental Challenges

Mother Nature brought a cold, wet spring, which delayed planting across much of the country. Postponed soybean planting can affect branching and podding later in the growing season, thanks to slow vegetative development. Lack of moisture towards the middle of the growing season coupled with prior en...


White Mold

The fungus, Sclerotinia Sclerotiorum, can overwinter for several years in the soil as sclerotia. ...