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AgriGold Innovation Days – Champaign, IL

AgriGold Innovation DaysJoin us for an exclusive two-day event focused on industry innovation and a showcase of the best of AgriGold’s product portfolio and genetic innovations from AgReliant Genetics  This is your chance to see firsthand some of the exciting and innovative agricultural developments in the industry.

The first day of our inaugural AgriGold Innovation Days Tour is an exciting blend of presentations and discussions, starting promptly at 1:00 PM. After you’ve checked in, we’ll kick off the afternoon with a warm welcome and an introduction to the event. Expect to immerse yourself in research innovations by AgReliant Genetics, discover a product portfolio that ‘yields to no one,’ and gain insights into next-level scouting techniques from trusted partners in the industry. As the afternoon unfolds, we will delve into the future of autonomous vehicles in agriculture followed by an expert panel to discuss industry innovations and how it’s changing the agriculture landscape.   

Remember to stick around after the closing comments for a happy hour and a chance to engage in conversation with our panel of experts. We’re honored to have you as our guest for dinner and another opportunity to network and socialize with the AgriGold team and fellow attendees as we wrap up the day.

On Day Two we will head out to the AgReliant Innovation Plot where we will discuss many topics from AgReliant and AgriGold, including hands-on demos discussing inbred creation, next-generation hybrids, trait technology, and more.   

As the largest North American company focused solely on seed, AgReliant Genetics invests heavily in genetic innovation to deliver one-of-a-kind, high-performing hybrids farmers can’t get anywhere else. AgReliant Genetics is the only seed-only parent company with a vast, unique genetic library to deliver diverse seed options from never-seen-in North American germplasm. Be prepared to leave with a wealth of knowledge that will leave you excited about the future of agriculture.


  • Wednesday, August 23rd
    • 1-2p: Check In – I Hotel & Conference Center, 1900 South First St., Champaign, IL 61820
    • 2-2:30p: Welcome & Introduction to AgReliant Genetics
    • 2:30-3:30p: Next Level Scouting featuring presentations from industry experts
    • 3:45-4:30p: Future of Autonomous Vehicles in Agriculture
    • 4:30-4:50p: Presenter Panel Discussion
    • 6-8p: Dinner and Drinks/Entertainment
  • Thursday, August 24th
    • 7-8a: Breakfast and gather for transportation to Innovation Plot
    • 8:30a-12p: Plot Tour at AgReliant Genetics Innovation Farm
    • Noon – Lunch back at the hotel

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