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  • Planting Date: N/A
  • Harvest Date: N/A
  • Planting Population: N/A
  • Fungicide: N/A
  • Soil Type:
  • Tillage:
  • Herbicide: N/A
  • Insecticide: N/A
  • Row Width: "
  • Number of Rows:
  • Previous Crop:
  • Irrigation: None

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Performance may vary from location to location and from year to year, as local growing, soil and weather conditions may vary. Growers should evaluate data from multiple locations and years whenever possible and should consider the impacts of these conditions on the grower’s fields. Please be reminded that the use of traited seed may be contingent on the signature of technology agreements. Please check with your seed representative. Always follow IRM, grain marketing and all other stewardship practices and pesticide label directions.
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