AgriGold Innovation Days Brings Revolutionary New Tissue Analysis Testing That Can Change the Game for Farming | AgriGold

AgriGold Innovation Days Brings Revolutionary New Tissue Analysis Testing That Can Change the Game for Farming

AgriGold Innovation Days Brings Revolutionary New Tissue Analysis Testing That Can Change the Game for Farming

At AgriGold’s Innovation Days throughout the Midwest, farmers, AgriGold agronomy experts and industry professionals gathered to explore the changing agriculture industry.

Amidst discussions about genetics, agronomy tips and practices and more, a game-changing innovation emerged: LeafTech Ag’s revolutionary tissue analysis test. This advancement is set to redefine crop management and offer precision, efficiency and sustainability like never before.

Traditional methods vs. modern technology

While traditional tissue analysis tests have long been a staple for farmers to get the information they need, these conventional methods require significant time and financial investment. Tests demand four data points and cost around $200 each. Results can take up to three days to reach the grower. In addition, these conventional tests emphasize nitrogen (N), potassium (K) and phosphorus (P), leaving out other crucial nutrients.

LeafTech Ag, on the other hand, has introduced a game-changing tissue analysis test that ticks all the right boxes for modern agriculture. Here’s what sets it apart:

On-demand and efficient: Leaf Tech Ag’s test is the next evolution of tissue testing, and builds on the foundation of traditional methods. It’s simple, timely and targeted. Instead of days, it takes mere minutes to complete. The cost? Just $45, making it incredibly accessible to growers of all scales.

Comprehensive nutrient analysis: Unlike the conventional test’s more limited focus, LeafTech Ag’s test covers a wide spectrum of nutrients, including nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, zinc, copper, iron, boron, manganese, magnesium, calcium and even leaf water content. This comprehensive approach ensures growers have a more detailed and accurate understanding of their crops’ needs.

Improved input efficiency: By giving growers precise input recommendations within hours for optimal yields and higher crop quality, LeafTech Ag’s test drastically reduces input costs and increases units of production. This means not only higher profits but also better sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Site-specific analysis: One of the standout features of LeafTech Ag’s test is its precision. It’s 30 times more site-specific, allowing growers to fine-tune their nutrient management strategies based on their fields’ unique conditions. This level of accuracy translates to cost savings and better crop performance.

Leaf Tech Ag’s process

LeafTech Ag’s test is both streamlined and innovative. It starts with a simple scan of the leaf using the company’s state-of-the-art “digital lab” or handheld tissue sensor. This scan is then sent to the cloud for processing. The system quickly prescribes the necessary nutrients, delivering precise recommendations to the grower. With 180 geolocated data points available at just $45 and taking a mere one hour to complete, it’s a game-changer for precision agriculture.

Focus on the five R’s

LeafTech Ag’s approach perfectly aligns with the five R’s of fertility management:

Right Nutrient: When they can accurately identify each crop’s nutrient needs, growers can avoid wastage and efficiently apply nutrients.

Right Amount: With precise application recommendations, growers can use the correct amount of fertilizers and nutrients. This reduces their costs and environmental impact.

Right Location: Site-specific analysis helps growers apply nutrients where they are needed most, which optimizes plant growth.

Right Time: With results available within hours, growers can act swiftly to address nutrient deficiencies.

Right Balance: Balancing nutrient levels is critical for crop health and yield. LeafTech Ag’s test helps growers achieve this delicate equilibrium.

The bottom line in a changing industry

  • Technology like LeafTech Ag’s tissue analysis test will continue to revolutionize agriculture.
  • Those who farm and feed the world need to adhere to the five R’s of fertility management: right nutrient, amount, location, time and balance. Proper fertility management will enhance environmental stewardship and sustainability.

For more information on LeafTech Ag and its cutting-edge technology, visit the company’s website at They’re located in Greenfield, IN, and are ready to assist growers in their quest for more profitable and sustainable farming practices. For help integrating new technology or techniques into your farming operation, contact your local AgriGold agronomist today.