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Unleash the Power of Drones: Sentera's Precision Agriculture Revolution

Unleash the Power of Drones: Sentera's Precision Agriculture Revolution

Picture a world where scouting expansive fields doesn’t require trudging through sweltering heat, navigating tall corn stalks and wading through endless rows of crops.

Welcome to the future of farming—where drones can help bring this vision to life.

During AgriGold’s Innovation Days, Sentera, a rising star in the drone industry, dove into the realities of agriculture: the unchanging rhythm of seasons, the influence of local conditions and farming’s inherent unpredictability. 

However, transformative progress comes from researchers and developers rising to confront these challenges. The foundation of this revolution? Unrestricted access to more frequent and precise plant-level measurements. 

Sentera’s data science ecosystem is leading the charge in this transformation. It seamlessly converts aerial imagery into concrete data points, not only to confirm outcomes but also fine-tune yields for maximum efficiency.

Revolutionizing agronomic analytics

Sentera is at the forefront of delivering the fastest, most reliable agronomic analytics in the industry. These insights enable farmers to validate performance and outcomes throughout the entire seed life cycle.

Seed breeding: Standardize data collection, validate outcomes and act on plot quality to optimize trait selection and accelerate development.

Seed production: Increase forecasting accuracy, gather performance data and validate in-field data.

In-season insights: Sentera’s technology doesn’t stop at the seed stage. It provides invaluable data throughout the growing season to ensure crops thrive.

Early emergence: Measure initial growth and secure a strong start.

Mid-season (corn: V2-V5, soybean: V2-V3, cotton: 5-6 Leaf Stage): Maximize crop health, monitor growth stages and assess nutrient status, pest and disease presence.

Pre-canopy closure: Protect yield potential by managing crop stress and nutrient uptake.

Post-canopy closure: Continue to protect yield potential, monitor crop health and predict outcomes.

Next-level scouting

Scouting with drone technology opens up a world of possibilities and allows growers to:

Measure emergence: Track crop health, make informed input decisions, predict yield outcomes and monitor pests and diseases.

Scout faster: Cover up to 1,000 acres per hour.

Pinpoint problem areas: Prioritize scouting where it matters most.

Eliminate human error: Get 100% aerial coverage, free from human limitations.

Inform input management: Use data-driven insights to optimize input strategies and compare product performance and year-over-year trends.

Predict end-of-season yields: Gain a predictive edge and increase profitability.

Real-time insights: Fuel critical decisions with real-time information, from emergence to harvest.

Cost savings: Save on input costs with data-driven insights.

The bottom line

Join the precision agriculture revolution and embrace the future of farming with Sentera drones. For help integrating new technology or techniques into your farming operation, contact your local AgriGold agronomist today.