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Foliar Fungicides

Foliar Fungicides

Why use a foliar Fungicide

Keep leaves healthy & intact:

  • Diseases limit surface area for photosynthesis.
  • Less photosynthesis = lower sugar production = lower yield!

Lower the production of Ethylene:

  • Ethylene = responsible for ripening
  • Higher ethylene levels = faster maturity = less grain fill days.

Lower’s plants respiration:

  • Respiration is the burning of sugars to keep the plant cool at night.
  • Lower respiration rates = more sugar available for grain production = higher yields.

When to use a foliar Fungicide

  • Best Option @ Tassel – Provides Optimal ROI
  • 2nd Option = V10 – Easier ground application option
  • Optional Option = R3 – Maximize grain fill and TW