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Precision Planting 2020 PTI Results – mSet® Multi-Genetic Planting Study

Precision Planting 2020 PTI Results – mSet® Multi-Genetic Planting Study

Objective: To analyze the yield and economic benefit of implementing mSet® single meter multi-genetic technology to place specific corn hybrids for individual spatial management zones.

mSet® is an upgradeable product to vSet® meters and vDrive® controller, which couples a seed selector added to the hopper to switch hybrids, and a seed pool level sensor in the meter (Figure 1). The level sensor tells the seed selector when the meter needs more seed, and it drops a dose of seed into the meter. This continually happens until it is time to switch hybrids. At hybrid change, the level sensor will let the seed pool run low, then call for a dose of the other hybrid to enter the meter just in time for the change, leading to a short transition between hybrids. The seed pool is controlled by the mSet® selector (Figure 2), providing the correct hybrid in the meter, and allowing the vSet® meter to accurately singulate those seeds. The ultimate result is the hybrid you select, planted in the area of the field you select, planted with highest accuracy of singulation. Additionally, for those who want to both; plant fast, and place hybrids by spatial zone variability, SpeedTube® system can be used in tandem with multi-genetic technology (Figure 3).

Figure 4. Offensive and Defensive Spatial Zones

Results: AgriGold 641-06VT2RIB was used as our offensive corn hybrid in the lower elevation, higher OM, but potentially saturated soils. AgriGold 641-54VT2RIB was used as the defensive hybrid planted
into the higher ground, lower OM, and potentially droughty soils. Each genetic package was placed into the appropriate matching spatial management zone (Figure 4). Test blocks were planted to evaluate the
yield performance when hybrids were placed correctly, as well as incorrectly. Figure 5. illustrates the 2020 multi-genetic planting results. Correct placement in the defensive zone resulted in yield gains of +9.8 Bu/A. and corresponded to an economic advantage of +$36.75/A.

Figure 5. also illustrates that the correct hybrid placement in the offensive zone resulted in yield gains of 19.6 Bu/A. with increased revenue of +$73.50/A.

Figure 6. summarizes multi genetic corn planting performance over the three-year time period of 2018-2020. During this timeframe, multi genetic corn has offered increased yield gains of +14. Bu/A. with additional farm revenue of $48.22/A. in increase revenue.

Based on this data, if a grower invested $1000/row on a 16-row planter for multi-hybrid technology, these types of yield and economic gains would result in return on investment at only 332 acres. These yield results confirm that a multi-genetic system can offer yield advantages and potentially large economic gains if used properly. For this system to work, growers and seedsman need to work together to place the appropriate genetics on the correct acre.

Planting Date: 4/22

Hybrid: AgriGold 641-54VT2RIB, 641-06VT2RIB

Population: 34-36K

Row Width: 30”


Corn Price:3.75