Corn Emergence: Temperature and Moisture | AgriGold

Corn Emergence

Corn Emergence


  • Even emergence is critical to maximizing corn yield
  • It takes 100-120 GDU’s for corn to spike
  • The warmer the soil the quicker corn will emergence:
  • 50-55° F soil temps = 18-21 days to emerge
  • 60-65° F soil temps = 8-10 days to emerge
  • Chilling injury can occur when soil temp’s are less than 50° F which may result in reduced and uneven stands
  • Plant into a warming trend to maximize emergence
  • Use to identify warming trends

Chilling Injury


  • Corn seeds must imbibe roughly 1/3 of their weight in soil moisture to start the germination process
  • For even emergence, place seed in an even level of soil moisture
  • The minimum planting depth should be 1.75”
  • AgriGold and University research indicates safe planting up to 3” or deeper based on soil type; ideal 2-2.5” depending on moisture

Planting Corn into Moisture