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AgriGold’s New Genetic Family Offers Stability and Flexibility

AgriGold’s New Genetic Family Offers Stability and Flexibility

The debut of AgriGold’s new Field GX J family marks an expansion of corn hybrid options for farmers in the Northern Corn Belt interested in spreading risk. “This new genetic family delivers stability in agronomics and yields across multiple environments,” says John Brien, area agronomy manager for AgriGold. “The eight corn hybrids of family J are less management-intensive products that deliver consistent performance farmers can rely on.” 

Diversifying genetics

The Field GX concept of genetic families is unique within the industry and illustrative of AgriGold’s focus on proper corn hybrid placement. Field GX J joins the ranks of families A, B, F, G and H, groupings of hybrids based on their unique visible and genetic characteristics as well as their response to environmental conditions, soil types and management practices. 

“AgriGold has been grouping corn hybrids into genetic families for 25 years,” says Kevin Gale, an agronomist with the company. “The goal is to help farmers realize we offer a variety of genetics to help spread risk and meet their unique needs.”

Each Field GX family: 

  • Has unique phenotypic characteristics (what you see in the field). 
  • Has unique genotypic characteristics (what’s inside the corn plant).
  • Adapts differently to environments and soil types.
  • Responds differently to management practices. 

Planting a variety of families, each of which have unique characteristics and thrive in differing environments, helps to spread risk. 

Genetic family groupings foster deeper understanding of seed and farm needs

Conversations about genetic families and a farmer’s needs opens communication, according to Gale. He elaborates, “By going through characteristics of each genetic family, we can steer that farmer into spreading risk and placing the ideal product on those acres.” 

Brien explains the family groupings enable farmers to “specifically drill down to that family and manage it to get the most out of it.” 

The family classification is also effective from a business continuity standpoint. Brien explains, “We have farmers who know a certain family works well on their farm. If AgriGold comes out with a new corn hybrid in that family, they can easily and confidently adopt the new genetics because they already have a good understanding of how best to manage the family and where it fits on their farms.” 

Field GX J delivers flexibility and stability

Field GX J familyThe Field GX J family features medium to medium-tall plants, with consistent ears and kernel counts and ears that can flex in length. Gale says, “The ability to flex is significant, as it gives farmers flexibility in planting population.” This family works well with moderate populations, has excellent stay-green ability and delivers above-average test weights. 

Suited for acres from Interstate 80 northward, Gale says the versatility of the new family and its ability to handle multiple soil types are important. He explains that corn hybrids in the J family are more flexible when it comes to timing nitrogen use compared to those in family F or G that utilize nitrogen later in the season to maximize yields. 

That flexibility in nitrogen use and planting populations help the Field GX J family handle drought well. Another J strength is the family’s green snap tolerance. 

Family J also adds some needed genetic diversity to the northern Corn Belt, with Gale pointing out it “alleviates some of that common theme for the region.” 

Standout from Field GX J

A630-04A corn hybrid from Field GX J that’s already making waves is A630-04. “It provides an attention-grabbing yield jump we’ve been looking for in an early maturity product,” Brien says. “Its plant structure and ear type differ from other early maturity products, and its ear flex and yield potential are a step change in this market.” 

Brien elaborates, “Normally, 100-day products have low-flex ears and require higher populations and greater management. This hybrid has more ear flex, requires less management and delivers more yield. It’s a win-win.” 

To learn more about the Field GX families and whether the new family J might fit into your seed portfolio, contact your local AgriGold agronomist