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AgriGold Hybrids that Excel on Dryland Acres

AgriGold Hybrids that Excel on Dryland Acres

It’s safe to say the 2022 growing season brought its fair share of environmental challenges, particularly the drought-like conditions across much of the country. 

Yields took a hit in areas that missed rainfall activity during crucial corn growth stages. Expect conditions for the 2023 growing season to be quite similar. But this time around, choose AgriGold’s drought-tolerant hybrids that can still bring consistent yields – even on dryland acres. 

New Agronomics To Meet Your Dryland Yield Goals:

A650-21 – A new, full-season workhorse. The medium-statured plant has flex in length, giving it a unique look in the 120-day RM market. It’s a great choice for tougher dryland acres thanks to its high drought tolerance. Strong agronomics round out this diverse and adaptable hybrid.

A643-01 – Conventional tillage? No-till? Whatever your system, this hybrid will work for you. This 113-day RM hybrid provides excellent response to high-yield environments and management practices. Deliver late applications of nitrogen and foliar fungicides to this plant, and it will maximize yields on your toughest acres. 

A640-12 – Not only does this hybrid offer excellent drought tolerance, but it can also be utilized in any cropping or tillage system on your farm. If you have acres that are prone to Goss’s wilt or Greensnap, count on this hybrid to perform under the pressure. 

A627-45 – Looking for a shorter relative maturity hybrid? This 97-day hybrid offers exceptional emergence for those looking to plant early and those working in no-till systems. For acres that need drought tolerance and often have high disease pressure, A627-45 offers the complete package. 

Excelling From Season to Season: Reliable Hybrids for Your Seed Lineup:

A647-35 – A National Corn Growers Association winner, this 117-day RM hybrid is tried and true. A647-35 provides exceptional yield stability under variable soil conditions, making it an excellent choice for dryland production. It provides a dual purpose for grain and silage production due to above average plant health and stress tolerance. 

A6572 – If you’re looking for a “Mr. Consistent” hybrid, look no further. A6572 offers agronomic consistency and is suitable for a broad range of acres. It’s a National Corn Growers Association winner with high drought tolerance and excellent root and stalk strength. 

A636-43 – A great hybrid option for dryland acres. It offers excellent emergence and high tolerance against gray leaf spot and Goss’s wilt. Plant this hybrid with a low to moderate population for optimal performance. 

A645-16 – Another National Corn Growers Association winning hybrid. The tall-stature plant provides superb stalk and root strength while offering exceptional late-season plant health, intactness, and standability. Count on this hybrid to respond well to high-yield environments and management practices. Use this one to meet your yield goals on your toughest acres – even those dryland acres. 

At AgriGold, we’ve built the genetic portfolio, invested in the research, and cultivated the team of experts – because we believe high-performance seed comes from a relentless pursuit of greatness. For your farm’s tough acres, work with your agronomist to choose hybrids that best fit your management plan and environmental conditions.