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Fungicide Timing: Corn & Soybean

Fungicides can be an effective tool in fighting against yield losses caused by fungal pathogens. The timing of these applications play a major role on their effectiveness.

Always read and follow label instructions for all pesticide applications.


Maximize efficiency by understanding differences in hybrid susceptibility, weather, and field history

Mid-vegetative (V5-V8): Mixed data but often considered secondary and less effective versus a VT application. Frequently done in unison with a nutrient foliar application

VT (Tassel and pollination): Highest ROI at or shortly after tassel when majority of diseases start to spread

Safe to apply a fungicide with a non-ionic surfactant when majority of the field is at VT


As with corn, knowing susceptible fields and varieties will help maximize fungicide efficiency

R3 (beginning pod): The main window of application for highest ROI is around the R3 growth stage

Insecticides can be tanked mixed with a fungicide application at this time if conditions and pest pressure warrant it

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