Product For Every Acre

You’ve seen a sneak peek of what soybean varieties AgriGold is bringing for plant 2023. This means you’re probably asking yourself what varieties will work best on each of your acres. Look no further – we’ve laid out the best varieties from our lineup for every unique situation the 2023 crop year might bring.


The tried and true varieties are just that – the varieties we’ve planted for years that have proven effective and reliable. Look towards these varieties for consistent performance on all your acres in 2023.

G1857E3 – Our best-in-class variety in areas that experience white mold. Count on this variety to provide the best tolerance against the disease, all while bringing high yields in environments across the board.
G1202XF – A highly adaptable variety that performs in high-stress environments. This hybrid will bring you excellent yield, regardless of management practices, and even with environmental challenges such as prolonged soil wetness or drought.
G1490XF – Brings sound agronomics across the board, allowing you to plant it in all yield environments without having to think twice. Depend on this variety to raise the bar towards 100 bu/a.
G1720XF – The best variety for all your soil types with yield capability from the east to the west. If you’re looking for a variety that has excellent emergence in no-till environments, look no further.
G3722RX – The game-changer variety. G3722RX brings great standability and an outstanding genetic package to your acres. If you’re planting on irrigated acres, this variety is a salt excluder that will bring profitability.


You’ve seen the sneak peek for 2023. We’ve rolled out 35 new, versatile soybean varieties to the market, each with its own unique agronomics. Check out the standouts below:

G1003E3– This variety brings big yields with sound agronomics, especially in the Dakotas and Western Minnesota. Place it in a variety of management practices, and it’ll show you why being a new guy on the block is not so bad.
G0854XF – No challenge is too big for this variety. G0854XF performs strongly under stress while offering solid IDC and White Mold tolerance.
G1449E3– Our best-in-class SDS-tolerant variety. Look towards this variety to bring high yields on your most productive acres.
G1601E3 – This variety is built for tough, phytophthora-susceptible environments and offers strong standability with top-end yield. You can count on this variety to offer placement flexibility and maximize yields in high-stress environments.
G2951E3 – A new Enlist E3 offering with a go-anywhere approach. It’s known for great standability and a proven genetic background. Its top-end yield potential generates excitement in highly productive areas.


Whether you have poorly drained soils or extraordinarily productive soils, AgriGold has a soybean variety for all your acres. Check out the spotlight varieties we handpicked for a soil type like yours:

G5009E3 – A highly adaptable variety that can be planted in productive acres from Kansas to the Deltas. G5009E3 works well on poorly drained soils and is a sulfonylurea-tolerant soybean (STS) with stem canker tolerance.
G3692XF – A variety that is adaptable in soils from the east to the west. The best placement is on the productive acres, but it has the capacity to excel in marginal soil types, too. Offers excellent standability while being STS tolerant.
G3990XF – Excellent variety for poorly drained soil. It provides well-rounded agronomics and great standability in all yield environments.
G3279E3 – If you have challenging acres, G3279E3 is a highly adaptable option with exceptional late-season plant health and excellent stress tolerance for broad placement. For poorly drained and wet foot environments, this variety can still excel on those acres.

AgriGold offers a diverse portfolio of soybean varieties — and you have the freedom to choose the best agronomics and traits that fit your annual goals. Contact your local AgriGold agronomis t for more product details and to choose the best soybean varieties for all your acres.