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If you want to talk seed, you have to know seed. We’re not just talking traits and treatments, or yield environments… we’re talking root systems, soil + weather preferences, disease tolerances and more. Agriculture is evolving quickly, so too are the ways that our AgReliant breeding program develops genetics for plant health, harvestability, grain quality and ultimately high performance. 

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AgriGold hybrid corn seed and soybean varieties are developed by our parent company AgReliant Genetics. As one of the leading research programs in North America, AgReliant provides direct access to the best traits and unique germplasm through our globally-positioned European parent companies, KWS and Limagrain.

We don’t simply breed for higher yield. We breed for environmental adaptability and optimal plant health throughout the growing season. Then, we provide a personalized agronomic road map precisely tuned to that particular hybrid’s genetic characteristics. We take an aggressive approach to developing the best hybrids that minimize risk and help farmers get the most out of every acre.

Our local, regional and global research and testing network ensure we are continuously bringing the highest impact, productive and proprietary corn, and soybean solutions to market for our customers.

Customer Focused Production

Our advanced full-service production team works year-round to provide a trusted supply of the high-quality corn and soybean genetics our customers rely on.

From the time parent seed is planted to when it’s packaged for customers, we utilize the latest state-of-the-art production technology and techniques in seed harvesting, drying, conditioning, treating and packaging to maximize quality and to ensure we are delivering the highest yield potential in every bag. We continually invest in all of our facilities to maintain and implement the latest and most effective technologies and practices.

Year-round reliability
Growers never stop, and neither do we. We use counter-season production to accelerate the introduction of new genetics and increase the availability of our most competitive products for our customers year-round.

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Excellence You
Can Trust

AgReliant Genetics is home to one of the industry’s largest and most efficient quality labs in the United States. Our products are assessed through over 30 different quality tests including warm and cold germination, purity analysis and electrophoresis.

In total, our quality assurance lab performs 190,000+ tests and analyses annually in order to provide the best products for our customers’ acres. We can be confident in the purity of our products by testing the DNA using modern PCR techniques.

AgReliant Genetics perform grow-outs, which involves growing plants in the field until we can distinguish one seed variety from another. Utilizing electrophoresis testing, which separates the proteins of plant material based upon the electric charge, we can identify the unique ‘fingerprint’ of each product variety. This fast and economical quality assurance technique, along with product grow-outs, helps us verify that the products sold to growers are consistent and reliable.

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