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The AgriGold seed brand is owned by parent company AgReliant Genetics, LLC, based in Westfield, Indiana. To learn more about AgReliant, visit agreliantgenetics.com. AgReliant Genetics, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Job Opportunities

District Sales Manager

District Sales Managers are professional and knowledgeable representatives of the AgriGold brand who are responsible for the sales and distribution of AgriGold’s elite corn hybrids and select soybean varieties through direct and distribution channels in an assigned territory. These highly trained representatives work directly with growers and dealers, focusing on our products and understanding what it takes to maximize yields. As the brand’s representative to the farm community, AgriGold District Sales Managers represent a great legacy dating back more than 85 years.

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AgriGold Agronomists are the “go-to” person for our District Sales Managers and customers. They are responsible for product selection, advancement, and assisting growers with product placement. Our Agronomy Team is a valuable resource to our customers. In addition to evaluating our product lineup, Agronomists host several informational meetings to educate our customers about corn and soybeans.

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Our research team is rigorous in the pursuit of new hybrids that bring high yield, fantastic test weight and superior agronomics to farmers. The process starts by using advanced technologies for data analysis and ends with real people evaluating real crops in the field. Our research team is full of dynamic thinkers and problem solvers who are ready to develop the next big hybrid.

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Customer Service

AgriGold’s Customer Team is responsible for collaborating, partnering, and creating a world-class customer experience. Our team will work directly with you on everything from logistics, customer billing and inventory management. We are constantly searching for ways to assist.

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