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Field GX Genetic Diversity Simplified

Field GX is all about AgriGold’s unique GenetiX. Field GX has been created as the structure to categorize our genetic families. No matter the environment or practices used, you can choose AgriGold for all of your genetic needs. Field GX combines world-class genetics and your field. AgriGold classifies every one of its hybrids into genetic families based on its genetic background and agronomic characteristics. Knowing a hybrid‚Äôs genetic family helps simplify management, reduce risk and maximize results in your field.

Field GX A

  • Excellent plant health
  • Preference early applications of nitrogen
  • Has high requirements for potassium
  • Handles well on poorly drained soils
  • Best in a cooler year

Field GX B

  • Strong emergence & vigor
  • Prefers split applications of nitrogen
  • Extremely high-yielding capabilities in well-drained soils
  • Strong plant health & average late-season stalk strength
  • Flexible ear types

Field GX F

  • Prefers split applications of nitrogen
  • Excellent test weight & grain quality
  • Adapts to wide range of soil types
  • Generally fixed to semiflexible ear types
  • Higher populations required for maximum yields

Field GX G

  • Responds to late applications of nitrogen
  • Excellent plant health & drought tolerance
  • Excellent test weight & grain quality
  • Flexible ear types
  • Adapts to variable soil types

Field GX H

  • Top-end yield consistency
  • Performs well at high plant populations
  • Handles multiple soil types
  • Very good grain quality & test weight
  • Excellent southern movement

Genetic Diversity Minimizes Risk

Every season presents unique growing conditions and environments. Utilizing genetic diversity with our Field GX families will minimize risk and bring greater yields.

Genetic Diversity Chart