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AgriGold Timeline


Clarence Akin attends the University of Illinois where he graduates in 3 1/2 years and studies hybrid seed corn.


Clarence Akin starts the legacy that is now AgriGold by planting his first acre of seed corn and officially starting Akin Seed Company. After talks with the Funk Brothers, Akin Seed Co. soon became an associate grower for Funk's G Hybrids.


Lawrence County farmers Jimmy Stansfield, George Lawless, Oscar Leighty, and Andy Goodwin became the first growers to plant Clarence's hybrid seed and the first customers of Akin Seed Co.


As sales increased, Akin Seed Co. expanded by building a corn grading plant in St. Francisville, IL.


Dave Akin moved back to work in the family business and Akin Seed Company quickly started growing.


As sales increased and expansion was needed, Akin Seed Company left Golden Harvest to become an independent seed corn company - AgriGold Hybrids. During that year, the AgriGold logo and slogan were established. Craig Newman joined the company.


AgriGold expanded operations by adding Direct Sales Managers and territories while initiating recruitment at universities.


A climate controlled refrigerated warehouse was added to maintain the highest quality seed possible.


John Kermicle joined the company.


To ensure that growth goals were met and to satisfy the needs of customers, the grading plant at St. Francisville was updated and remodeled. For optimal seed quality, the innovative new "sweet corn harvesting" method was adopted to ensure gentle handling and efficiency. Each ear of seed corn is still hand-sorted to maximize seed quality.


As sales and expansion grew the need for further management arose. As a result, AgriGold hired their first Regional Managers.


The Aroma Park, IL production facility was purchased enabling the company to further expand production.


Sales increased dramatically, making AgriGold the fastest growing seed company in the 1990's.


An alliance with Groupe Limagrain that provided AgriGold with access to research and genetics of the fourth largest seed company in the world, was created on March 17, 1994.


Groupe Limagrain and KWS SAAT created AgReliant Genetics, allowing AgriGold access to premier genetics, the ability to provide improved hybrids and diversified germplasm.


AgriGold introduced the Sheriff Campaign for A6395 and continued its rise as a leading seed corn company.


A new office was constructed in St. Francisville, IL to serve as AgriGold headquarters.


The building that housed the offices of AgriGold Hybrids from 1979 to 2004 was relocated to Bridgeport, IL.


AgriGold now covers 400 counties in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky, Nebraska, Kansas and Mississippi.


AgriGold introduced the GIANT that transformed the seed industry.


AgriGold introduces the Hybrid series, simplifying seed selection.


Randy Dowdy is a first generation farmer from Valdosta, Georgia. He operates a 1,700-acre corn, soybean and peanuts farm. Randy set the world corn yield record in 2014 with a yield of 503 BPA.


AgriGold celebrated 80 years in the corn industry.


AgriGold launched the initial phase of Advantage Acre®, a precision technology platform.


AgriGold expanded their soybean offer, selecting only the highest yielding varieties, backed by industry leading genetics and the most advanced traits to give growers a whole farm opportunity.


Greg McClure breaks an Illinois state record in the Soybean Irrigated Division with 110.19 BPA and 3rd in the state for NCGA No-Till/Strip-Till Irrigated Division with 284 BPA.


AgriGold Brand Expands Further into western footprint giving farmers in western Minnesota, northeastern Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota access to more genetics and hybrid options.


AgReliant celebrate two full decades of Helping Farmers Grow. Thank you to our fantastic employees, farmers, dealers, growers and partners. We cannot wait to see what the future holds.


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