Brown Stem Rot | AgriGold

Brown Stem Rot


  • The fungus Phialophora gregata


  • Interveinal chlorosis leading to necrosis, very similar to SDS
  • Leaves turn brown & dry, curl, remain attached to petioles
  • Browning of vascular system at nodes &/or lower stem
  • Cool pod fill followed by hot/dry will amplify symptoms


  • Fungus enters through roots/lower stem early in the growing season
  • Upward growth within the xylem, inhibiting water & nutrient flow
  • Disease infected plants begin to show signs 10-30 days prior to harvest


  • Pathogen overwinters in soybean residue
  • Select tolerant varieties for areas with BSR history
  • Crop rotation to give residue time to break down
  • Manage Soybean Cyst Nematode numbers

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