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How to Use Starter Fertilizer to Unlock Corn and Soybean Potential

Planting season is upon us. This means farmers are thinking about how to maximize R.O.I. and increase yields. And starter fertilizer is top-of-mind. But what is it? How can it help? What is optimal application timing? Learn more in this week’s agronomy blog. ...


From the Ground Up: Soil Temperature and its Impact on Corn and Soybean Emergence

As the weather warms up, farmers across the country are gearing up for planting season. To make 2023 the best crop year yet, it’s best to consider soil temperatures. Knowing the optimal time to plant corn and soybeans can make all the difference in crop quality. ...


9 Factors to Consider When Making Early Soybean Planting Decisions

As we reach the early days of April, it’s almost time to get in the fields and start #plant23. And as it becomes more common to plant soybeans early, more farmers are attempting to begin planting earlier than usual. But before hitting the fields, be sure to consider these factors:...


Maintaining Your Planter to Maximize Yield Potential

Planter performance is crucial for a successful crop. To maximize yield potential for #grow23, prioritize planter maintenance before starting #plant23. ...


Understanding the Basics of Integrated Pest Management

To protect and maximize yields, it’s important to identify, monitor, and manage pests. Learn how to correctly approach integrated pest management and create field-specific management plans with AgriGold agronomy. ...