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AgriGold Celebrates 15 NCGA National Corn Yield Contest Winners in 2023

Dedication. Adaptability. Collaboration. Hard work. Those traits are rewarded and honored each year as the National Corn Growers Association crowns the season’s National Corn Yield Contest winners. From that group comes the AgriGold Yield Masters™ — those who won using AgriGold products for ou...


Top-Level Genetics and Personalized Service: A Recipe for An NCGA Yield Contest Win

Yield Masters: that’s what our 2022 NCGA Corn Yield Contest winners are. They are the early risers, shortcut deniers, detail freaks, and generally obsessive farmers who find themselves on the short list of Yield Masters. ...


AgriGold Hybrids that Excel on Dryland Acres

As you make plans for the 2023 crop year, take into account the dry, drought-like conditions that are expected to follow the 2022 growing season – especially on dryland acres. Although these growing conditions aren’t ideal, don’t fret: AgriGold has you covered with exceptional hybrids that wil...