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Soil & Crop Biotechnology Changing the Game for Nutrient and Fertility Management

Soil & Crop Biotechnology Changing the Game for Nutrient and Fertility Management

Many growers can relate to this scenario: a seed with impressive genetic potential, but something goes amiss and causes disappointing results. 

Often, the culprit lurks beneath the soil’s surface.

This is where Pattern Ag—a standout from AgriGold’s recent Innovation Days throughout the Midwest—steps in as a trusted partner in predictive agronomy. Rather than leaving crop success to chance, Pattern Ag leverages cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of soil biology to predict and mitigate risks of pests and diseases. 

Here’s how Pattern Ag is revolutionizing the way growers approach their crops.

Predicting the unpredictable

Pattern Ag’s approach is straightforward yet groundbreaking. Its technology analyzes soil biology to predict the risks that could negatively impact crops during the growing season. By focusing on soil biologicals, growers can gain valuable insights that help predict and prevent potential issues. 

This helps transform crop management from reactive to proactive—and ultimately boost chances of success.

Turning soil into insights

One of Pattern Ag’s key strengths is its ability to transform complex biological data into actionable insights. The technology provides sub-field-level information, allowing informed seed selection decisions. Instead of guessing which seeds might perform best, it relies on data-driven recommendations tailored to specific field conditions and needs.

Comprehensive pest and disease coverage

Pattern Ag’s predictive capabilities extend to a wide range of pests and diseases for both corn and soybeans. They can forecast the risk of threats such as corn rootworm, northern corn leaf blight (NCLB), soybean cyst nematode, sudden death syndrome (SDS) and more. This helps growers select seed varieties best equipped to handle each field’s unique challenges.

Beyond pests and diseases

Pattern Ag doesn’t stop at pests and diseases. The company also works with biofertility factors and assesses critical elements like soybean nitrogen fixation, denitrification, plant growth promoters and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF)

Nutrient analysis is also part of the comprehensive service, which evaluates levels of N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S, Zn, Fe, Cu, Mn and B, as well as pH, Buffer pH, OM and CEC. This holistic approach considers every aspect of soil health to achieve optimal yields.

Actionable insights, informed decisions

Pattern Ag’s strength lies in its ability to translate complex soil biology into practical risk thresholds and actionable agronomic insights. This information empowers decision-making that reduces risks, enhances crop health and ultimately increases yield.

For more information on how Pattern Ag can help maximize crop production, visit its website at For help integrating new technology or techniques into your farming operation, contact your local AgriGold agronomist today.